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IKA 0025000310 ROTAVISC lo-vi Complete Viscometer

The ROTAVISC series determines the viscosity of liquids in all areas of application ranging from the laboratory to quality control. The four devices measure in different viscosity ranges. Regardless of a simple or demanding viscosity measurement - the ROTAVISC delivers rapid and accurate results. The scope of delivery includes a standard spindle set (SP1-SP4), a protective bracket, temperature sensor and ROTASTAND stand. Easy to operate The generous 4.3″ TFT display allows for an intuitive menu guidance. A digital spirit level also supports the correct set-up of the start-up condition. The simple ramp function simplifies repetitive tasks. Highest measurement accuracy The level of measurement accuracy of the ROTAVISC rotational viscometer for both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids is +/- 1 % of the measuring range. The reproducibility is +/- 0.2 %. Stepless speed ROTAVISC is a viscometer, which offers stepless speed adjustment. IKA ROTAVISC lo-vi Complete Viscosity measuring range: 1 - 6,000,000 mPas  

Viscosity refers to the fluid’s resistance in its ability to move. A high-viscosity (or “thick”) liquid flows much slower than a low viscosity (or “thin”) liquid. his can be seen with the speed of oil’s flow compared to the one of water when they’re both at the same temperature.

When dealing with fluids in manufacturing, understanding their viscosity is crucial for various reasons: quality control, possible overheating, preamature wear of the parts, leakages, etc. having the right viscosity is key for the succsful operation of a machine.

A viscometer (also known as the viscosimeter) is a tool utilized to determine the substance’s viscosity. In the case of liquids with viscosities that differ according to the flow conditions, the instrument known as a Rheometer is typically used. This is why a Rheometer may be described as a distinct kind of viscometer. Viscometers are only able to measure in one flow state.