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AUWII DSD1000 Sulfur Dioxide

Sulfur Dioxide Distiller fully meets the standard requirements of SO2 residues, mainly used for sample distillation treatment before sulfur dioxide detection in food and drugs. Only 25cm of the unit width, it can be used independently or combined, provide a flexible solution to users Function & Feature :  Highly Integrated Design---Rich Functions :SD series Distiller has rich functions such as heating power adjustment, timing heating, sample magnetic stirring, absorption liquid magnetic stirring, and is equipped with a burette holder for multiple needs. Ceramic Heater- Reliable and Safety :Adopts high temperature resistant ceramic heating body with excellent waterproof performance and safety use. Intelligent Anti-suckback Function - Protect Samples   With intelligent anti-suck back function, when heating stops or unexpected power failure, it can effectively prevent the absorption liquid from being sucked into the flask, and protect the sample from being damaged. Double Sealing Cup- Air Leakage Visible There are two split sealing cups in double-mouth round flask. After connecting with the reflux condenser and the separating funnel, water can be filled into the water-sealing cup. Air bubbles will be appear in the sealing cup if any leakage, to avoid low recovery rate of analysis results; Double Absorption Bottle-Compliance with ASTA Standards Equipped with two 100ml absorption bottles of toluene and hydrogen peroxide, which meet the requirements of ASTA standard and can reduce analysis interference; Independent Nitrogen Stabilized ——Stable flow Both independent adjustable nitrogen flowmeter and built-in independent nitrogen pressure stabilizator are equip for SD series distillator, avoid mutual nitrogen flow fluctuations when used in parallel.