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AUWII APE series High Throughput Vacuum Parallel Evaporator

Multi-sample synchronized concentration is a main factor in improving the efficiency of sample inspection and detection.  Equipped with a flip-type vacuum cover (patented technology), AUWII APE series high-throughput Vacuum Parallel Evaporator allows sample concentration easier without removing the lock nut. Features :   
  • Flip vacuum cover- Easier to operate
Patented flip-type vacuum cover, avoids frequently removing lock nut and moving the vacuum cover during the process of putting in and taking out the sample bottles in the traditional parallel evaporator.
  • Hidden uniform temperature water bath- Synchronized concentration
Adopts hidden uniform temperature heating technology, temperature differential between holes is less than 0.5℃, which can ensure good synchronization of sample concentration.
  • One-press" automatic water refilling-Easier operation
With "one-press" automatic water refilling function, can easily fill the water to bath.
  • "Dry-type" low temperature cooling-Higher efficiency for vapor collection
APE series Evaporator can cool by traditional chiller and glass condenser, or vapor can be collected by eSR220s solvent collector. The eSR220S solvent collector adopts "dry-type" low-temperature condensation technology. Without cooling circulating liquid, vapors directly condensed at -20℃ low temperature, especially providing the low boiling point solvents a high efficiency collection.
  • Modular design-compatible with multiple bottles
The APE Parallel Evaporator adopts a modular design and optional 850ml, 450ml, 250ml, 60ml sample bottle adapters to meet the needs of different volume samples.
  • Network software-Intelligent and versatile
APE Evaporator equips a color touch screen, can easily set water bath temperature, heating temperature of the vacuum cover, oscillation rate,vacuum degree, and working time. Optional wifi data interaction function to realize the docking with the laboratory management system.