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3680 Funke Gerber Super Vario N Centrifuge

Centrifuge for the determination of fat according to Gerber, Röse-Gottlieb, Babcock and for the determination of the solubility of milk powder (ADPI)

Funke Gerber Nova Safety Centrifuge 3670

We hereby declare and confirm that the instrument “Nova Safety”, Art.-No. 3670 in view of the eurepean standard “EN 6101-1" The Nova Safety centrifuge is a bench centrifuge equiped with a heating. It is made for the determination of the fat-content according to the Gerber Method. It should be placed on a surface which is flat, horizontal, not flammable and can stand up to 65 °C - Connect the power cord of the centrifuge to a grounded wall socket which is provided with 6 Ampere fuse.