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Interscience 132 050 BagLight PolySilk 400 mL blender bag without filter

BagLight PolySilk is a blender bag without filter. It is ideal for sample preparation. BagLight PolySilk is the best-seller in the range of non-filter bags.
  • PolySilk: polyolefin complex
  • Resistant: from - 40°C to + 80°C / -40°F to 176°F
  • Flexible and transparent

Interscience 111 425 BagFilter P Blender bags with filter 400 mL

BagFilter P is a bag with a non-woven side filter. Filtration is instantaneous without the risk of cross-contamination. It is ideal for pipetting.
  • Porosity of the filter: < 250 micrometers
  • Compatible with any laboratory blender
  • Multilayer: reinforced multicoated complex
  • Rigid and transparent

Interscience 111 720 BagFilter Pipet & Roll 400 mL

BagFilter Pipet & Roll

Lateral filter bag with pipet access and built-in closure

Easy pipetting and quick closure
Ref 111 720 (400 mL)
BagFilter Pipet & Roll is a bag with a non-woven side filter. The Pipet sticker allows successive pipetting. The sticker Roll ensures a tight closure of the bag. It is ideal for pre-enrichment of pathogens.
  • Easy pipetting access sticker
  • Built-in closure sticker
  • Optimal volume for blending: 50 - 300 mL
  • Porosity of the non-woven filter: < 250 micrometers

Blender bags for microbiology are used for the homogenizing and analysis of any solid sample, and especially adapted for food, medical, veterinary and environmental samples.