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M5000 A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH Melting Point Meter for Automatic Measurements

Fully automatic measurements

The M5000 provides fast, easy and automatic examination of powdery substances with a melting point up to 400 °C. Due to the automatic determination of the melting point, an objective measurement result is always guaranteed. The high preheating rate and the integrated fan cooling allow fast and reliable measurements in any temperature range. The display provides a well-arranged readout of all important measuring data.

MAT1500 A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH Gas Analyzer for O2 and CO2 Concentration

The all-rounder

Fitted with a zirconium dioxide sensor and a nondispersive infrared sensor, the MAT1500 is our number one when it comes to the range of application, performance and precision. The measurements are completed within only approx. ten seconds. As is the case with the MAT1400,  highly precise results can be achieved with single measurements of oxygen concentrations thanks to the min/max detection even if only a small sample volume is available.

N100009 RM 100 Plus Lamy Rheology Viscometer (with rack stand)

The RM100 PLUS is the viscometer with largest speed and torque range available on market. Create your methods and store your results in relation with your application.

N151100 TX-700 Lamy Rheology Texture Analyzer – 100N

With its wide range of probes and cells, the TX-700 is the ideal tool for your texture analysis. Thanks to its touch screen directly displaying the curves, its method programming capability, storage and analysis of measurements, the TX-700 will integrate in laboratory and production area.

N600300 B-One Plus LR Viscometer with Spindles Lv-1 to Lv-4 (with standard stand) Lamy Rheology

Intuitive and powerful, the new B-ONE PLUS will surprise you with its extended measuring range in LR version or with its optional temperature sensor.

P3000 A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH Polarimeter for Standard Applications

Good performance at an attractive price

The polarimeter P3000 is the economical solution for standard applications for which a measurement accuracy of ±0.01° is sufficient. It performs its tasks in the record measurement time of approx. 1 s that you are familiar with from our digital polarimeters. The measured values are optionally displayed as an optical angle of rotation or on the international sugar scale of the ICUMSA. If desired, they can be printed on a serial ASCII printer. Thanks to the reliable temperature compensation, it is possible to measure at any temperature specified in the ICUMSA; the results will then be converted to the value for 20 °C.

P8000 A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH Polarimeters without temperature control

Compact polarimeter with proven features

The polarimeter models P8000 and P8100 are the right choice for all applications where sample temperature control for high-precision measurements is not absolutely necessary. The devices are suitable for nearly all samples as the parts that come in contact with the sample are chemical resistant. The P8000 and P8100 are recommended for all basic applications. Instead of a temperature control, the temperature can be compensated according to ICUMSA. That allows you to take measurements at any temperature; the results will then be converted to the desired temperature. In addition, the international sugar scale has been predefined on our devices, and the initial weight is taken into account for the conversion into the specific rotation.

PT31 A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH Circulation thermostat Temperature range 8-35 °C

The smallest circulation thermostat on the market

The PT31 circulation thermostat is equipped with highperformance functions. The 1.5 kg lightweight device is ideally suited for applications requiring a temperature range at a constant level. The proven Peltier technology offers process-reliable temperature control in the range from 8 °C to 35 °C. The accuracy of temperature control is ±0.2 °C.

QF-4203 Q-Front EDI HPLC Adrona Water Purification System

Q-Front EDI is an excellent choice for your laboratory, providing both Grade 1 and Grade 2 water directly from tap water. Adrona’s product Q-Front EDI is a tap water system for general laboratory applications and inorganic analytical methods. Q-Front EDI systems are intended for use in laboratories with high daily pure and ultrapure water consumption. Like the other Adrona water purification systems, Q-Front EDI is available in Trace, HPLC and Bio configurations to meet the specific needs of every laboratory and application.

Sartorius BCE224-1S Entris® II Basic Essential Analytical Balance

The new Entris® II balance is always the right choice. Offering unrivalled value and backed by almost 150 years of German engineering expertise, the Entris® II comes in two product lines, so you can find the balance that meets your specific weighing needs. Our Entris® II Essential line is the only balance in its class offering isoCAL, LED touch technology, and 12 built-in applications at a budget price. With over 40 models from which to choose, you will surely find a model to meet your basic weighing needs..

SD-18A Lab Freez Mini Spray Dryer, Lab Bench-top machine, with bag filter, 1~25um

SD-18A mini spray dryer is out most advance freeze dryer, adoptered famous brand components, excellent worksship, second-generation human operation interface, it is our best mini spray dryer.

SH220F Hanon Kjeldahl Graphite Digester

Hanon SH220F graphite digestor has the advantages of fast, efficient and convenient digestion. It is suitable for food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and other industries, as well as universities and scientific research departments to digest soil, feed and other samples before chemical analysis.