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179200 WD 325 Wiggens COD-Reactor (Heat Block included)

Compliance with regulations WD325 COD reactor is used to digest closed micro reflux COD vial and can meet USEPA 410. 4. It is easier and safer than traditional open macro reflux method. Special COD program Just press start/stop button, and the reactor will start to heat up to 150โ„ƒ and keep for 2-hour countdown then shut down automatically with 10-sec audio alarm. 3 additional program settings Temperature range setting 60โ„ƒ - 200โ„ƒ and timer from 1 - 999. 3 Built-in additional heating program settings available for users to store and execute as needed. Auto shut off and audio alarm WD325 can stop heating, and then shut off automatically with audio alarm when every program is completed.

W3080422 UA22MFDN Wiggens Ultrasonic Cleaner

The cavitation phenomenon consists of formation and growth of millions of microscopic bubbles under a low-pressure stage, produced into the ultrasonic bath due to a high power transducer 37kHz. These bubbles break in all directions and attack every surface in contact with water, erasing dirt, impurities and pollutants when in contact with materials or pieces in the bath. This phenomenon allows cleaning all kinds of materials and products without the need of disassembling, due to all the surfaces being in contact with the liquid. The heating will accelerate this clearing process.

W6030635 SES635 Wiggens Soxhlet Extraction System

Wiggens Soxhlet Extraction System is based on the Soxhlet extraction principle and integrates such functions as soaking, extraction, leaching, heating, condensation and solvent recovery. It features sealed metal bath heating with automatic temperature control, ensuring uniform heating and safe operation; six samples can be tested at the same time, and optimal temperature can be selected according to the difference between reagent boiling point and RT. so as to achieve quick analysis; reagents can also be recycled to reduce test cost; and soaking,extraction and solvent recovery can be done in one step. Therefore, this device is characterized by reasonable design, stable performance, good reproducibility, high accuracy, easy operation, saving time and effort, and so on.