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B-290TB Optika Digital Microscope with Camera & Tablet

B-290TB includes a 3MP camera with a 10.1” Windows tablet. View, capture, analyze and share your images with simplicity and reliability

Optika Stereomicroscopes SLX-3

Head: Trinocular (split ratio: 50/50), 45° inclined; 360° rotating. Dioptric adjustment: Both eyepieces. Eyepieces: WF10x/21 mm, high eyepoint, secured by screw and with rubber cups. Objective: Parfocal achromatic zoom 0.7x…4.5x (6.43:1 ratio) with anti-fungus treatment. Working distance: 100 mm. Stand: High-grade, precision fixed with handle and focus. Focusing: Rack and pinion focusing mechanism. Illumination: EcoLED™ swiveling incident and transmitted, with brightness control, rechargeable batteries. Color temperature: 6,300 K.  Multi-plug 100-240Vac/5Vdc external power supply.

SLX-3 Optika Cordless Trinocular Stereozoom Microscope

Valuable configurations of cordless and modern stereo & stereozoom microscopes ideal for a variety of applications, including dissection, biology, entomology, anatomy, chemistry, material science among the others and even industrial purposes. Provided with dual magnification or 6.43:1 zoom ratioFN 21 high eyepoint eyepieces, high-grade precise fixed arm with focus and handle with the latest technology of EcoLED™ illumination plus rechargeable batteries (not included). Slim and easy to carry, all the models with high-grade precise fixed arm are equipped with long lasting LED illumination to provide over 20 years of use.