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NU-560-601EF10 LABGARD ES TE NU-560-600E Nuaire Class II Type B2 Biosafety Cabinet

The NU-560 combines durable construction and an efficient motor with a control system providing the safety and monitoring appropriate for the demanding work done in a Class II Type B2 biological safety cabinet.

Nuaire Dual Sided Animal Transfer Station AllerGard ES NU-620-400E

The AllerGard NU-620 Dual Access Animal Transfer Station (ATS) employs a “push-pull” pattern of airflow to provide clean air in the work zone for small animal cage caging and generate suction through air slots on the work surface for allergen containment. A supply impeller creates the “push” in the transfer station by drawing air through a pre-filter and then propelling it past a supply HEPA filter and toward the work zone to create a clean air environment. From there, a powerful DC ECM motor underneath the work zone will “pull” the air down through the air slots in the work surface to contain allergens. The air is then drawn past an exhaust pre-filter and pushed out an exhaust HEPA filter on the bottom of the unit. The Aeromax control system displays the performance of this “piston of air” by visualizing the plenum pressure as a series of multi-colored LED indicators. The NU-620 is designed as a dual-sided cabinet to provide flexibility to vivariums that have little room to maneuver their equipment.