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Hirayama Autoclave HV-25 HICLAVE HVseries


A best-selling autoclave model with various functions and good operability

The lid can be opened, closed and locked easily and securely. Equipped with a safety function that locks the lid by detecting pressure and temperature. Equipped with various functions including culture medium dissolution. We also offer a variety of options. A forced cooling fan is an optional unit.
Features & Functions
Electro-mechanical lid lock system The lid can be opened and closed easily and reliably with the one-touch lever. A pressure seal method is used as a safety measure.
Dual interlock mechanism The lid is locked by dually detecting the chamber pressure and chamber temperature during operation. The lock state is maintained even if an operation is manually interrupted.
Dual detection system for residual air The residual air which may cause sterilization failure is dually detected to always maintain the appropriate sterilization conditions for loads. ※The residual air is detected at the process before pressurization (during operation of an air removal timer) and at the process of pressurization air exhaust.
Exhaust level can be set digitally. Fine exhaust can be performed automatically, and fine exhaust adjustment is possible even in exhaust.
Memory function Set contents can be registered for each mode.
EU model available EU Model: Products compliant with european Standards (ENs)