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0003340000 IKA Shakers Vortex 3

Vortex shaker suitable for short-time operation (touch function), activated by pressing shaker attachment or continuous operation.

0003581200 IKA Magnetic Stirrers C-MAG HS 7

Magnetic stirrer with heating and ceramic heating plate which offers excellent chemical resistance.

01.881.0001 VF200 Powteq Vibratory Feeder Laboratory Sample Feeder

Vibratory Feeder VF200 is designed to facilitate automatic sample feed for bulk particle or fine powder samples. It can be used in conjunction with the Sample Divider RSD200 and Ultra Centrifugal Mill FM200 produced by POWTEQ Company.

022 230 BagMixer 400 W Interscience for Microbiology

The BagMixer 400 W efficiently blends any type of sample, avoiding risk of cross-contamination. It is adapted to all types of applications and compatible with all blender bags. The window door enables a quick check-up of the blending, in process.

15520-01 MT50 Sotax Robust manual hardness tester for all sizes and materials

Proven to be the most advanced, precise, and user-friendly manual tablet hardness tester, the MT50 with high-precision Dr. Schleuniger® technology is an all-time favorite in both laboratories and compression rooms. Robust and very easy to use, the manual tester sets new standards in fast and precise manual operation – from multi-parameter runs to simple hardness tests of all types of samples, shapes, and materials.

179200 WD 325 Wiggens COD-Reactor (Heat Block included)

Compliance with regulations WD325 COD reactor is used to digest closed micro reflux COD vial and can meet USEPA 410. 4. It is easier and safer than traditional open macro reflux method. Special COD program Just press start/stop button, and the reactor will start to heat up to 150℃ and keep for 2-hour countdown then shut down automatically with 10-sec audio alarm. 3 additional program settings Temperature range setting 60℃ - 200℃ and timer from 1 - 999. 3 Built-in additional heating program settings available for users to store and execute as needed. Auto shut off and audio alarm WD325 can stop heating, and then shut off automatically with audio alarm when every program is completed.

20011215 IKA PETTE vario 20-200 µl Micropipette

IKA PETTE vario 20-200 µl

Lies comfortably in your hand with uncompromising precise performance: The IKA PETTE vario single-channel pipettes are used for many different applications in the modern laboratory. Color-coding simplifies rapid selection of the right pipette. The impact-resistant, UV-resistant and chemically resistant conical tip ensures reliable metering in the long-term. Improved ergonomics as a result of replaceable handles IKA pipettes include three interchangeable handles in various different shapes and materials in the delivery. The choice of the right handle for your particular hand means that the pipette can be adapted to suit your individual requirements. This ergonomic optimization permits comfortable and wrist-friendly working, and ensures that the pipette sits in your hand perfectly in daily use for easy grasping of the working points. Precise and repeatable results are thus guaranteed. Comfortable and rapid adjustment of the pipetting volume The pipetting volume is adjusted in two stages (fine and coarse). Locking and unlocking of the volume is also carried out in the same way as fine adjustment by one hand using the multifunction button. The set volume can be read off the display in large figures at any time, process-safe and clearly. Straightforward ejection of the tip of the pipette After the pipetting process, the tip of the pipette is ejected quickly and without time-consuming hand repositioning simply by pressing the central multifunction button. The round design means that the single-handed ejection works equally for both right-handed and left-handed users. Robust and smooth The piston and tip cone are made from DLC-coated stainless steel. DLC stands for diamond like carbon and is a diamond-like type of carbon which exhibits high levels of wear and corrosion resistance, together with particular hardness and low frictional indices. The DLC coating means that the tip cone is particularly insensitive and also ensures that the tips of the pipettes are always in perfect condition and are securely seated, without leaks. The extremely good anti-friction properties of the DLC also mean that the pipette will only need to be re-greased on rare occasions. The benefit of the coating for the user is primarily the consistent and low level of force required when absorbing and discharging the liquid to be pipetted. Maintenance-friendly, process-secure and easy to clean Regular cleaning and maintenance of the pipette guarantees a long service life for the product. The volume unit with piston and seal can be replaced completely in just a few hand movements. The equally simple assembly is acknowledged audibly by a click and is thus process-secure. Adjusting safely and without the need for tools If you detect deviations in the framework of calibration, the pipette will generally need to be adjusted. Tools are not needed for adjusting the IKA PETTE. The user thus saves valuable time in looking for the right tool. The pipette is subsequently secured against inadvertent adjustment. Simplified acquisition, documentation and monitoring Acquisition, documentation and monitoring of equipment and processes is of great importance in most laboratories. The serial number of the IKA PETTE can be scanned from a QR Code on the housing, easily and without transfer errors. The serial number and the pipette are thus uniquely linked. Can be autoclaved at 121°C The IKA PETTE is ideally suited to heat and high-pressure sterilization. Thanks to its simple construction, the pipette can be cleaned and autoclaved either in complete or in dismantled state. Large range of pipette tips All the PETTE fix and vario models are compatible with universal fit pipette tips from most manufacturers. Pipette tips having the standard color codes gray, yellow, and blue always fit on our pipettes, marked accordingly. This means that there is a wide range of pipette tips to choose from and you can rest assured that only suitable tips are fitted.

230773 Sotax TD 1 Tap Density Testing

The flexible TD 1 tap density tester with one single measurement station excels in user-friendly operation while complying with all USP, EP, ASTM and DIN EN ISO requirements.

230774 FT2 Sotax Friability Tester The Easiest Choice for Compliant Friability and Abrasion Testing

FT2 – The easiest choice for compliant friability and abrasion testing.
Performing and documenting friability & abrasion tests has never been faster. From SingleButton™ navigation to intergrated balance interface, single and dual drum options for increased capacity, as well as automatic calculation of percent friability for your report, and a fully menu-guided qualification procedure – the FT2 offers easy and flexible testing in your lab.

24.875.0002 MG200 Powteq Mortar Grinder

Automatic laboratory mortar grinder MG200 occupies an important post on sample preparation in laboratory. MG200 replaces the traditional manual grinding, time, speed and other parameters can be set, and the whole process is automatic.The gap between mortar and pestle, mill’s pressure and the angle of scraper are all adjustable. This mill is suitable for the fine grinding of any dry samples, as well as for suspensions with different consistencies.

24.877.0001 HM100 Powteq Knife Mill For Lab Grinding

HM100 grinder is specially designed for lab use. It can provide quite high-level homogenization of the sample within 30 seconds, and the standard deviation of the analysis result for the sample is much lower than that use the household agitator.

24.881.0001 FM200 Powteq Ultra Centrifugal Mill

Ultra Centrifugal Mill FM200 applies to a wide range of samples. Based on its high efficiency grinding technology and rich accessories, with secondary grinding of rotating knife – ring sieve system ,it can process dry grinding and frozen ground in a very short time for the soft, hard, brittle, fibrous samples.

24.887.0001 SS2000 Powteq Vibratory Sieve Shaker

Sieving Shaker SS2000 is used to batch analyses the particle size and distribution of the soft, medium -hard, hard and brittle sample within a short time. The result is accurate and repeatable.Most parameters can be digital preset to perform dry sieving and wet sieving for samples.

24.890.0001 GT300 Powteq High Energy Ball Mill

high energy ball mill GT300 has a pair of symmetrical swing arms with high speed and large amplitude. It can grind, crush, mix and break the sample easily within a few seconds to several minutes by randomly bumping and rubbing the small ball or stainless steel bead to and fro in the sample tube.Fine grinding, up to 5 microns.

24.892.0001 LM200 Powteq CryoGrinder

CryoGrinder LM200 With the rapid development of science and technology, DNA detection and polymer analysis are becoming more and more important. In order to maintain the original components and biological information of sam- ples, it is necessary to adopt low-temperature pulverization. CryoGrinder LM200 chills the sample in liquid nitrogen and pulverize them with a magnetically driven impactor. The sample become brittle and the vola- tile components are preserved under the low temperature, so that a good grinding effect can be achieved. The automatic control function of liquid nitrogen content avoids the contact and danger of manual opera-tion.

24.904.0004 BP40 Powteq Automatic Pellet Press

Stable and qualified tablet is important precondition to XRF analysis. Pellet press instrument is widely applied to NIR and ICP analysis pretreatment as well. Automatic pellet press BP40 provides strong tablets with smooth surface. Pressure can be adjusted and different size of steel rings are optional according to application.

24.906.0001 TW200 Powteq Twister

TW200 is specially designed for the NIR(near infrared spectroscopy)analysis of food and feed sample preparation. The special design of the rotary knife, grinding chamber and grinding sieve ensures the sample is not affected by the heat and achieve good grinding effect. The application of the cyclone technique enables the results of the NIR sample preparation more reproducible and reliable.

24.910.0001 BM20 Powteq Planetary Ball Mill

Planetary Ball Mill BM20 is suitable for grinding(dry\wet) and mixing some soft,hard,brittle and fibrous samples ,which are used wherever the highest degree of fineness as customer required,as well as the grinding result is reproduc- ible. Apart from the classical mixing and size reduction processes,the mills also meet all the technical requirements for colloidal grinding.