15520-01 MT50 Sotax Robust manual hardness tester for all sizes and materials

Proven to be the most advanced, precise, and user-friendly manual tablet hardness tester, the MT50 with high-precision Dr. Schleuniger® technology is an all-time favorite in both laboratories and compression rooms. Robust and very easy to use, the manual tester sets new standards in fast and precise manual operation – from multi-parameter runs to simple hardness tests of all types of samples, shapes, and materials.
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Hardness Tester

A tablet hardness tester - sometimes also referred to as tablet breaking force tester (USP <1217>) or resistance to crushing strength tester (Ph. Eur. 2.9.8) - measures the mechanical integrity of a tablet. SOTAX tablet hardness testers with precision Dr. Schleuniger® measuring technology, standard-setting user friendliness, and robust Swiss quality components guarantee highest accuracy and test results you can rely on. 

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