Water Purification System

ADRONA - CB-2303 Water Purification System B30  HPLC

ADRONA - CB-2303 Water Purification System B30 HPLC

B30 water purification systems Adrona water purification systems provide ultrapure and pure water for laboratory needs. Quality of water meets requirements for Grade I water of ISO 3696 standard and corresponding ASTM and CLSI standards. Benefits of Adrona water purification systems: • Premium quality water • Reliable operation • Low running costs • Easy installation and maintenance • Convenient user interface B30 series: • Color graphic display • Easily readable indication of water quality • TOC monitor • Volumetric dispense • Status indication with intuitive color pattern • Validation possibility • B30 systems produce purified water directrly from tap water • 25 L strorage tank with integrated Grade II dispense pump
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