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Erlab Captair 834 Smart Ductless Filtering Chemical Storage Cabinets

Safer to operate
  • Exclusive Erlab filtration technology
  • Filtration performances tested in accordance with AFNOR NF X 15 211
  • Secured storage
  • Real time sensors to detect main filter saturation with solvents, acids or formaldehyde*
  • Erlab Safety Program: be guided for the right choice of your secured storage solutions
  • Connect with eGuardTM for real-time status, notifications and alerts*
  Simpler to use with Smart-LightTM With Smart-Light, you can easily see that the hood is operating safely. Should the light pulse, you are notified that*:
  • Containment has been compromised or,
  • The filter has breakthrough or,
  • There is a fan failure
Flexibility - 2 possible configurations:
  • Double doors and shelves
  • Pull-out doors with storage trays
  • No ductwork needed
  • Low annual energy cost
  •  Low replacement filter cost
  • Pollutants filtered at the source