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Individual Ventilated Cages
  • Modular Animal Caging System® rodent ventilated system that adapts to your animal room needs.
  • Allows you the versatility to: Increase Cage Density, Create Space and Improve Workflow
  • The Modular Animal Caging System® frame holds the vertical cage stacks in place and also the air handling units. There are several framework styles that can be used on this system. These include mobile double and single-sided, rotary and wall-mount designs.
  • The frame is made from 1" square stainless steel tubing.
  • Each frame holds the main supply and exhaust plenums. Mobile frames have four autoclavable casters, two with locking brakes.







Air Delivery System
  • Both supply & exhaust blowers in a single slim cabinet for a small footprint
  • Large capacity HEPA filtered air supply to multiple racks.
  • Positive isolation / Negative containment pressures.
  • 30-80 ACH.
  • Easy touch screen programming and monitoring.
  • Temperature & humidity reporting on both supply & exhaust.
  • Audio & visual alarm.
  • Quiet. Zero rack vibration.
  • Easy access and change pre-filters.
  • 4 swivel casters, two with brakes.
  • Battery back-up and wireless remote monitoring available.
IVC Mouse Cage
  • Patented concave/convex seal design to prevent leaks.
  • Above animal level air delivery for low velocity at animal level.
  • Optional 520 cm2 floor cage for even more space.
  • Standard Filter vent top
  • Large filter area. Easy to replace filter.
  • 300 ml External water bottle is standard.
  • Uses blue poly flip-up stay-up card holder.
  • Hands-free locking to MACS cage stack.
  • Ergonomic vent top cage latch.
  • Autoclavable. Udel® polysulfone
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