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Animal Cage and Rack Washer

The AC 7000 NHP series cage and rack washer is a heavy duty, large capacity, hydro-spray washer specifically designed to support the throughput of medium and large size facilities with large animal cages and racks.

The machine is standard equiped with three preheating water tanks and two dosage units resulting in great cycle settings flexibility.

AC 7000 NHP is available in single or double interlocked hinged door made of stainless steel AISI 316L with glass inspection window. Door orientation can be chosen both right or left hand.

Useful chamber dimensions: Width 1200mm (47.24"), Depth 2240mm (88.19"), Height 2350mm (92.52")


  • Automatic manifold for trolleys equipped with spray arms or injection systems (optional for feeding bottles treatment)
  • Flush self-cleaning filter for the recirculation of the washing water.
  • Double chemical control dosing system.
  • Data storage system and process control.
  • Operator multi language touch screen control with auto-diagnostic checking that constantly monitors and displays current cycles status and alarms, allows to optimize the washing process and to personalize programs on board of the machines. Up to 65 washing and rinsing programs available: 5 service programmes, 10 memorized programmes and 50 free programmes.
  • External dimensions: Width 2350mm (92.52"), Depth 2488mm (97.95"), Height 2720mm (107.08")

Steelco cages and racks washer disinfector is specifically designed to support the throughput of medium and large size facilities. Focus on the environment, this machine is manufactured with energy saving system for drying and recirculation tank for water, granting the reduction of energy and water consumption.

  • Chamber Volume: 4725 lt / 1248.21 Gal Us (2250 mm / 88.58" depth)
  • Chamber Volume: 6300 lt / 1644.28 Gal Us (3000 mm / 118.11" depth)
  • Door made in double HST temperated glass.
  • Stainless steel door with glass window available as option.
  • Flush self cleaning filter for the re-circulation of the wash water, standard.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide vapour facility - Optional. The machine can be used as an H2O2
    pass-through chamber to decontaminate heat-sensitive equipment
  • Multiple oscillating washing and rinsing pipes with 150 washing and 100 rinsing nozzles,
    grant excellent process results.
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