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Life Science


Gel Documentation System

Gel documentation is at the forefront of molecular biology research. Our high quality bio-imaging systems deliver results in all types of applications and conditions.


Fluorescence & Colorimetric

Affordable, fully automated gel documentation systems for molecular biology and life science research, with highly sensitive, proprietary cameras and optics.

Three differenent models available.

  • MiniBIS:Convenient and reliable, DNR's MiniBIS continues to be a favorite among budget-conscious, quality consuming, life science researchers. For fluorescent and colorimetric documentation, the MiniBIS delivers consistently fast, accurate, high-quality results.
  • MiniLumi:Combining superior optics with a high-quality camera and versatile illumination options, the MiniLumi brings the most accurate results with maximum detail — all at the touch of one button.
  • LumiBIS:Combining superior optics with a high quality camera and lighting versatility, the LumiBIS is a high standard, accurate system for fluorescent and colorimetric research.


Superior sensitivity and accurate chemiluminescent for molecular biology research.

  • A leader in imaging innovation, DNR leads the way once again with the new generation of high-quality dedicated chemiluminescent imaging systems. The MicroChemi sets the industry standard for quality, ease of use and performance.


Chemiluminescence& Fluroscence


The new generation of image analysis for a new standard of results

  • Breakthrough Robotic camera:allows placement very close to the sample, resulting in very high sensitivity and superior image quality under a wide range of conditions.
  • High resolution:selectable scientific camera (2.0 Mpixel, 3.2 Mpixel) gives maximum band separation and best quality images.
  • Unrivalled sensitivity:high speed super bright lens collects maximum light from the sample while maintaining crisp, clear images with minimal geometric and light distortion
  • Novel deep liquid cooling system:cools the camera to minimum of -70°C for better accuracy, longer exposure time and minimal dark noise.
  • Illumination versality:10 types of illumination sources to suite a wide range of samples and applications
  • Fully automated and motorized:permits simultaneous control of a number of settings such as: zoom, focus, gain and more, for easier image capture and faster results
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