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Glass Reactor

Chemical reactions are the key process of modern industries, and there are thousands of methods and procedures toconduct them.Glass is one of the rare materials thathave key physical properties to satisfy common desires of research chemists, namely transparency, chemical stability,and thermal stability.

Features & Benefit

  • The special propertys of glass are  Transparency,Smooth surface, Excellent chemical resistance, Excellent heat resistance   
  • Type 1:Equipment configuration can be chosen in pick-and-mix style from a vast list of our standard parts.e.g. Bench-top reaction unit, Laboratory-scale distillation unit,Kilo-lab-scale reaction unit, etc.
  • Type 2:This product line provides advanced solutions for users whose demandsare more specific and detailed; such as sizes, positions, orientations,combinations, configurations, etc.
  • Type 3:This prodcut line provides total service and care to construct idealequipment according to customers’ requests. The service includesprocess calculations, consultations, design, etc
  • The reaction vessels comes with Triple-Walled with Ring Baffle or Double-Walled with Ring Baffle or Tripple-walled without Ring Baffle or Double-Walled without Ring Baffle
  • Common and interchangeble parts
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Easy Replacement
  • Low-cost expandability
  • Ring Baffles for fast and precise temperature control
  • Advantages of vacuum jacket
  • Easy Maintenance

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