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Determination of mixing ratios, qualityand quantity inspection in the following industries:Pulp and paper industries, Beverage industry, Food industry, Sugar and sweetener industry, Textiles industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Chemical industry, Petrochemical industry,Metalworking industry, Wastewater management

Digital Refractometer

  • An intuitive touchscreen presents a clear overview of all data and functions and the integrated SQL database stores all data and allows external access via a network
    or standalone PC.
  • Measurement modes Single, Interval
  • Working  Voltage 90 – 260 V~, 50/60 Hz, 60 W.
  • Preset standard scales: Refractive Index [nD], %Brix(saccerose, inverted sugar, glucose, fructose).Temperature corrected [nD],temperature corrected [%Brix].User defined scales can be initialized.
  • manufacturer´s 4-point-calibration,user defined 1-point-calibrationwith any substance possible

Manual  Hand-held Refractomets

  • Manual handheld refractometers are for fast , easy to use and very sturdy.
  • Various scales and additional functions ensure that there is exactly the right handheld refractometer for many application areas.
  • This makes for reliability when reading,as the measured value does not first have to be converted.
  • Some models have an automatic temperature compensation feature. which increases measurement precision for measurements which are performed at 10–40 °C
    instead of 20 °C.
  • For calibration, distilled water is required, or else a small calibration plate is provided.


Digital Hand-held Refractomets

  • It hasmore functions than a simple handheld refractometer and at the same time is more cost-effective than adesktop unit.
  • Besides the refractive index, sugar and salt scales, up to two other user-defined scales can be programmed.
  • Instrument can be operated as a mobile unit with a 9 V block battery, the optionally available power supply unit turns the unit into a small laboratory refractometer.
  • Sample plate is made of stainless steel and is so flat that it can be cleaned quickly and easily
  • Instrument is calibrated simply with distilled water and has an optional temperature compensation feature for incoming goods control applications, an upper and lower tolerance alarm can be entered.

 Process Refrectometer

  • Direct installation in pipelines and boilers, and is idealfor process monitoring, control and separation of products in the chemical, beverage, food, pulp and paper as well as sugar industries.
  • As no bypass is necessary, it is much simpler to install the process refractometer in a pipeline or tank.
  • Standard connections enable the process refractometer to be assembled quickly and easily.
  • Depending on diameter, a T-piece is inserted into the pipeline or an adapter welded on, as with the tank.
  • Measurement mode :Refractive index [nD],Sugar content [%Brix],User defined [%]
  • Measurement time 3–60 s

Bypass Process Refrectometer

  • Excellent value for money
  • Wide measurement range from 1.3300–1.5600 nD / 0–95 %Brix
  • Just 3 seconds measurement time
  •  Password-protected
  •  Prism in the sample chamber is easy to clean
  •  Stainless steel sample chamber is suitable for food samples
  •  User-friendly interfaces for direct connection to a PLC
  •  Minimal sample quantities required
  •  Very easy to install, no special requirements
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