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Water Bath

 Water Baths are used in laboratory practice in very different fields of application. 


7 model types are available in 5 different sizes from 7 to 4o liters.

  • Short heating-up times.
  • Temperature display and setting digitally via LED display, in 0.1 °C increments. Fast and exact setting, exact reproducibility of the set value.
  • Electronic monitoring of the temperature regulator. In case of failure, the cause of the fault is shown on the display.
  • Soft-touch keys with clear symbols.
  • Two-finger operation prevents unintentional alterations of the set value.
  • Interior (bath interior and heating element, cover frame, lid and perforated floor) made of stainless steel. Standard equipment: lid and perforated floor.

Incubation/Inactivation with circulation system

This product used for incubations and inactivations of cultures, such as e.g. for warming bacteriological media,carrying out chemical reactions or thawing samples.

  • Temperature regulation: Microprocessor-controlled
  • Temperature constancy: ±0.1 °C temporal
  • Temperature range: approx. 5 °C above ambient temperature to +99.9 °C
  • With water level regulator 1919: approx. 3 °C above tap water temperature to +99.9 °C
  • Over-temperature cut-out: electronic, 4 °C above set temperature and electromechanical >130 °C



For gentle steaming work with Erlenmeyer flasks,glasses, etc., GFL Water Baths models Steam Bath and Water Baths for fume hoods have become indispensable in daily practice

  • GFL Water Baths convince through their varied ranges of application.
  • For instance, the Steam Bath’s square cover  frame (W 265 mm x L 265 mm) is removable. Its 9-part set of rings, made of heat-resistant plastic material can be parted.
  • Its diameter can be varied in approx. 20 mm steps (min. 32.5 / max. 173.5 mm).

Water-baths for fume hoods

Water Baths for fume hoods  are special baths that are preferably used for protected applications in fume hoods (digestories).

  • Temperature range from approx.5°C above ambient to boiling point, temperature regulation through tension thermostat. Heating element protected by over-tempe -rature cut-out
  • Removable recessed lid with holes and perforated floor above the heating element are made of stainless steel.
  • The adjustable water level regulator at the right-hand side of the unit is part of the standard scope of supply.
  • The openings in the lid are covered by sets of rings made of heat-resistant plastic material.
  • Four non-slip plastic feet ensure great stability.

Multiple water baths

Multiple Water Baths are especially suitable for gentle steaming work with columns, Erlenmeyer flasks or beakers. Even after years of continuous operation they
remain to be the most reliable laboratory aids.

  • Temperature range from approx.5 °C above ambient to boiling point, temperature regulation through tension thermostat. Heating element protected by over-temperature cut-out.
  • Bath interior, frame with openings and parted perforated floor above the heating element are made of stainless steel.
  • The openings in the frame have a diameter of 130 mm and are covered by sets of rings made of heat resistant plastic material.
  •  A support rod of 600 mm length and a diameter of 12 mm, made of stainless steel, is situated behind each opening. It serves to fix the steaming vessels securely
  • The adjustable water level regulator is on the left-hand side of the bath. It is included in the standard scope of supply of the units.
  • Outer housing made of electrolyti - cally galvanised sheet steel, powdercoated
  • Applications:Chemical, clinical and biological labora -tories, both in research and industry,decide on our Multiple Water Baths whenever special quality and quantity
    requirements are to be fulfilled.
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