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Fragment Analyzer

The Fragment AnalyzerTM automated CE system has been designed for flexible operation, providing high separation resolution over a wide range of DNA/RNA sizes and concentrations. Different gel kits are interchangeable with the same capillary array.

Key features & benefits

  • 12 or 96- Capilary Array Usage: Direct, parallel injection and separation of 12 or 96 samples at once.
  • Short Rum Times: As short as 15 min for <3,000 bp. Fast separation of 12 samples or an entire 96-well plate cycle. Get more done in less time.
  • High Sensitivity: Detection limits as low as 5 pg/μL without desalting, allows direct injection of PCR and digest samples.
  • High Separation Resolution:Resolve a wide range of DNA fragments and RNA. Achieve as low as 2 bp resolution.Custom gels can be developed.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: Covers 3 orders of magnitude. Less Optimization needed, each kit/gel has a defined optimum fragment concentration range
  • Low Cost per Sample: Lower operational cost compared to agaros/acrylamide gels and other analytical instuments
  • User-Friendly Software:Automate data scoring. Calculate fragment size and concentration, display data in multiple formats, create and save customized scoring parameters, export and
    report results with ease
  • Real Time Viewing of Data: See results as they are being generated, change conditions during a run if desired.


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