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IVF Cube and Penquin AQ AP Series

IVF Cube-Drawer Type Incubator AR3100 GC

Remarkably  stable and reliable culture environmenr.

The features are 

  • Independent Temperature, CO2 and O2 sensors on each drawer, independent control.
  • Extremely stable in culture environment.
  • Each drawer is a separate, hand-held incubation chamber.
  • Independent alarm system on each drawer.

The specifications are

  • Overall Dimension:W566 x D563 x H533 (mm)
  • Drawer Specifications are   Usable Dimension: W180 x D217 x H20 (mm), Volume: 775ml, Capacity: Equivalent to four 4-well MultiDishes, Number of Drawers: 4 drawers
  • Temperature Control:  Control System: Digital PID, Range:7℃ above ambient to 40℃, Accuracy:  ±0.1℃ (*1), Uniformity: ±0.2℃ (*1)
  • CO2 Control: Sensor Type: IR Sensor, Range: 0% - 10.0%, Accuracy: ±0.3%
  • O2 Control: Sensor Type: Galvanic Battery, Range: 4.0%-10.0%, Accuracy: ±0.5%


Embryo Observation System CCM-IVF

Embryogenisis can be monitored without embryos ever leaving the incubator.

  • Two types of culture dishes, specially designed to position embryos at the center, can be set up for monitoring. Selecting an image acquisition pattern will automatically select and color-code appropriate wells.
  • From selecting image acquisition patterns through starting time-lapse image capturing, image acquisition parameters can be set without hassle using the step-by-step, intuitive software interface
  • Images taken before and after changing the medium can easily be linked with a few clicks




Dry Culture Incubator EC-6

Humidity free incubator


    Contamination Free: Culturing with no humidity provides no risk for contamination in the embryo-culturing environment.

  • Individual Control: 6 Separate chambers provide an optimal environment for embryo development. Fast recovery for the gas concentrations and the temperature is guaranteed
  • Advanced alarm system: Dependable alarm systems for temperature, gas concentrations and gas flow. All the alarm events can be obtained through analog output
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