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The novel Corning HYPERFlask offers 1720 cm2 growth area in the footprint of a traditional 175 cm2 flask . This high yield, high performance flask utilizes a multilayered gas permeable growing surface for efficient gas exchange. Ten interconnected polystyrene film growth surfaces allow for gas exchange directly into the medium


Corning® CellBIND® Surface is available on: Dishes, Microplates, Flasks, Multiple Well Plates, Scale Up & Bio Process, Microcarriers

  • Corning CellBIND surface treated for superior cell atatchment and growth
  • 10-fold higher cell yields increases productivity and capacity while reducing processing time and incubator space
  • Bar coded and compatible with SelecT™ automation systems

Corning® CellBIND® Surface is

  • an advanced tissue culture treatment resulting in improved cell attachment
  • Incorporation of significantly higher levels of oxygen into the surface renders it more hydrophilic while increasing surface stability and wettability
  • No special handling, stable at room temperature
  • Available in a wide variety of formats
  • Applications: Enhanced cell survival following cryopreservation, More quickly adapts cells to reduced serum and serum free growth conditions, A possible replacement for biological coatings and poly-D-lysine, Helps reduce cell loss during assay manipulations such as washing steps


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