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Cell Stack


CellSTACK culture chmabers are the newest addition to corning Life Sciences line of reliable and fully tested cell culture products.

Available in five sizes

  • 1-STACK with 636 cm2 cell growth area
  • 2-STACK with 1,272 cm2 cell growth area
  • 5-STACK with 3,180 cm2 cell growth area
  • 10-STACK with 6,360 cm2 cell growth area
  • 40-STACK with 25,440 cm2 cell growth area


The benefits are

  • Two 26 mm diameter filling and venting ports allows direct access to the chamber bottom providing greater flexibility for sterile filling and emptying by pouring, pipetting or via tubling in a fully enclosed system
  • The standard 33 mm  threaded caps have 0.2μm pore, hydrophobic membrane scaled directly to the caps, allowing gas exchange while minimizing the risk of contamination
  • Optional filling caps are available with integrally sealed USP Class VI certified C-FLEX ® tubing to allow direct sterile transfer of media and cells via pumping or gravity
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