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General Laboratory



MIlk Testing Equipments

The company develops ,manufactors and develop the following products.

  • Milk analysis devices
  • Freezing point determintion units
  • Centrifuges, waterbaths, reading lamps,butyrometers.

Colony Star

  • Colony counter with colored illumination
  • Color and brightness of the counting plate are adjustable. (65 steps)
  • The pressure-sensitivity of the luminous field is adjustable.
  • The accoustical signal of the count confirmation can be switched off / on.
  • 2 Wolffhügel-disks (black/white), magnifying glass and felt-tip pen are included in the delivery.


Chemical milk analysis device with fully  automatic cleaning and rinsing system and zero point calibration for the fast and accurate testing of milk.

  • Language selection.
  • Calibration
  • Automatic maintanance
  • Replacing the pump heads



Inexpensive chemical analysis device for the fast and accurate determination of  fat and SNF content.

  • Quick and easy replacement of pumpheads and measuring cells.
  • Language selection
  • Calibration


Milk Laboratory Centrifuges

Centrifuges for butyrometric determination of fat content. The different types of centrifuges are.

  • Centrifuges with flat-lying butryrometers:This type of centrifuge tends to lead to a renewed intermixing of the separated phases after the centrifugal process.
  • Centrifuges with angularrotor:angular rotor at a fixed angle.
  • Centrifues with swing-out butyrometer holders:The butyrometer swings-out horizontally in mounted movable holders, the butyrometers are only  stressed along their vertical axis.

Butyrometric Detaremination Of Fat Content.

Determination of fat content in milk and various diary products.

  • Used to test milk, homogenised milk, skim milk and whey, condensed milk,butter milk

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