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Analytical Science



UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Optizen Alpha

  • Smart User Interface: Wifi/bluetooth, google cloud print,tablet PC approch, multi language support.
  • Qualified performance based on SMART architecture: Double beam optic system,8 position multi cell holder,free voltage system.
  • Emotional design
  • Photometric System:Double beam spectroscopy.
  • Spectral bandwidth:<1.0
  • Photometric: range-4.0~4.0ABS, accuracy +/-0.005(at 1.000)




Optizen POP

  • Emotional Design:  Unique, defined crystal look: Selectable from our cover designs or your own design/logo
  • Economical but rather powerful performance : Rational and reasonable price (7 connecting ports single beam spectrophotometer and embedded PC).
  • Stability in measurement : Auto blank measuring method, Sliding LC Mirror Changer, free voltage, temperature cell sensor and noise elimination method
  • Versatility with customizing your needs.: Education, institutions, factories, personnel and other uses.
  • Windows CE operation: Standard storage memory 2GB (Option: 8GB),  Able to back up data at portable USB memory,   Online networking available:
  • Voice guide: Instruction given with voice guide
  • Larger display (specification: touch screen 7 Inches TFT LCD)
  • Convenient printing

Double beam UV/Vis spectrophotometer

  • Ideal for analyzing components that require multiple wavelengths, time course operations, and getting stable data sheets.
  • More powerful in information technologies in your lab
  • Better in holding memories
  • USB ports for user-friendly programming updates and other accessory connections
  • Universal sample cell holder holds 8 cells
  • Rotating cell holder (8 cells and one blank)
  • Superb optics for maximized accuracy
  • Exceptional precision and reliability
  • User-friendly software with scanning and time course capacities
  • Versatile data processing
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