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Fermentation Systems

Autoclavable fermentors

The BioFlo,CelliGen115 115 is an exceptionally capable benchtop fermentor/bioreactor.Offered in 1.3 to 14 liter capacities, this system has been designed to provide the versatility to grow a wide variety of cells, making it ideally suited for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, biofuels, R&D, testing labs, academic institutes

  • Wide speed range, with options for incubation, refrigeration,photosynthetic lighting, UV germicidal lighting and in-flaskgassing, enables growth of virtually any cell type
  • All 115 systems are pre-programmed with both fermentation and cell culture operating modes for total flexibility. Switching between modes automatically adjusts gas flow and speed ranges
  • Grow virtually any cell type: aerobic or anaerobic;microbes, yeast, insect, plant and mammalian cells
  • The compact control station includes everything needed for total process control: color touchscreen interface, three built-in pumps, gas flow controllers for up to four gasses
    (air/O2/N2/CO2), foam/level sensors, pH/DO controllers and more
  • Offered with water-jacketed or heat-blanketed vessels in four sizes: 1.3, 3, 7.5 and 14 Liters, total volume
  • Pre-packaged fermentation and cell culture kits make ordering easy, or select from a wide range of options to meet your exact needs
  • Single-use adapter kit available.

Sterilizable-in-place fermentors

Four sterilizable-in-place fermentor models, in volumes ranging from 7 to 300 L.these benchtop , mobile, modular or custom fermentation systems are diverse enough to fit virtually and need. The BioFlo 415, 510 and 610 all feature the intyitive RPN controller, while the BioFlo pro inlcudes the industry -standars Allen-Bradley PLC.

  • A Modular Design Provides System Flexibility.
  • Advanced Controller Optimizes Results
  • A Production-Scale System That Fits on the Bench
  • A customizable system with quick delivery
  •  Competitive cost
  • Flexibility to meet changing process needs 
  • Convenient operation

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