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Surgical Lightings
The Maxx Luxx LED has the latest advances in state-of-the-art surgery lighting. The Maxx Luxx LED provides exceptional bright light with a lux output of more than 120,000 and a color temperature of 4,300° Kelvin while virtually eliminating heat. LED technology rated for 50,000 hours provides reduced maintenance costs.

The model configurations are Single mounts available with a light head or a monitor,Portable stands available with a light head,Dual ceiling mounts available with two light heads, a light head and a monitor, or a light head and a camera andTriple ceiling mounts available with three light heads, two light heads and a camera, or two light heads and a monitor

  • Highly efficient surgery lighting system.
  • Extremely cool output — lowest possible heat.
  • Wide range mechanical dimming.
  • 120,000 lux output at 1 meter.
  • 6.5” – 9” adjustable pattern.
  • 5-stage dimming.
  • Video camera: 1080P High definition, HD-SDI video output, 20x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, Auto & Manual focus, sterilizable handle, camera mounted on its own independent arm.
  • Monitor Arm: Provides options for Hi-Def, fiber optic cabling, video source switching, and compatibility with PAC5, has sterilizable handle for adjustments in the sterile field. Solo arm or in combination with lights, can be ordered with or without monitor.

Vison Excel Minor Surgery Unit

A global standard in medical lighting.”The Vision Excel is a surgery and examination light that includes a 16” (406 mm) diameter elliptical reflector design for improved shadow reduction. This light has a large, prefocused pattern, with homogenous light distribution. The Vision Excel has a removable sterilizable handle and an additional positioning handle mounted on perimeter.

The model configurations are Combo Track Mount,Dual Head Ceiling Mount,Single Head Ceiling Mount,Wall Mount.Portable Floor Model

  • Foot Candles: 6,000 output at 1-meter distance
  • Lux:64,500
  • Focus Distance:36” /914mm
  • Color-correcting, heat absorbing glass cylinder
  • Momentary bulb replacement
  • Smooth articulating head and arm assembly
  • Adjustable compression spring arm mechanism
Vista LED Examination Lights

Using only about 50% of energy of similar halogen lighting, the Vista LED exam / diagnostic light is a significant upgrade to the very popular DRE Vista Exam Light. It is compact, maneuverable, and gives great light output with a large flood pattern. The upgrade to LED technology gives the Vista the best light output, color temperature, and heat output ( extremely low ), in its class. 

  • Large, flood pattern - approximately 6”(15 cm) diameter
  • 4,200 ft candles (45,000lux) of homogenous light output with over 4,300º Kelvin color temperature at 24”(61 cm) distance
  • Life rating of 50,000 hours
  • Uses about 50% of the energy of similar traditional halogen lighting
  • Extremely cool output.  Significantly less heat generated than halogen lighting
  • IR absorbing, color-correcting glass filter
  • 28” (71 cm) articulating arm with integral compression spring
  • 23” (58 cm) Extension Arm
  • Arm rotates 40º up and down from horizontal plane
  • Lamphead and arm both rotate 540º
  • Positioning or optional sterilizable handle mounted on perimeter of lamphead
  • Available in wall, portable floor, single or dual ceiling mounts, combination ceiling mounts with Vision or Vortex

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