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High Speed Dental Air Unit

This all-in-one veterinarian dental cart, performs all necessary procedures from cutting-polishing-scaling. 

Thehigh speed veterinary dental unit has incorporated state of the art microchip circuitry into a new highly efficient all-in-one unit.  You can easily switch from polishing to scaling to cutting. The dental unit now has an optional Fiber Optics System with the high speed handpiece.

The built-in 25K ultrasonic scaler is equipped with auto tuned oscillation that maintains optimum frequency when pressure is applied to the tip by constantly scanning and compensating, eliminating even partial  loss of power.  In addition, you can perform curettage, deep scaling of heavy calculus, remove stains and conclude the preventive treatment by polishing the teeth all in one operation.

The surgical stainless steel, heat treated tips glide smoothly across the tooth surface.  Water flows internally through the tip directly to the operative site, gently cooling and lubricating the tooth, thus washing away the dislodged debris.

At the touch of the foot control, the chevron shaped ultrasonic insert surges power to the tip instantly without stalling.  The scaler's delayed cavitation feature disperses the excess water into a tiny mist even after the foot control is released thereby eliminating the annoying "after drip".  Recommended sterilzation for the ultrasonic inserts are autoclave and chemiclave.

The high speed handpiece, air and water-driven, can be used for cutting and extracting teeth.  Use the handpiece to cut sections of the tooth before extracting.  The slow speed handpiece, air-driven, is used in conjunction with prophy paste for polishing.

  • Dual HEPA filter
  • Up to 192 cage positions
  • Any cage-rows and cage-columns combinations
  • Double- and single-sided rack options
  • 400,000 RPM high speed drill
  • 20,000 RPM low speed handpiece
  • Built in 25K ultrasonic scaler
  • Auto-tune circuitry
  • Air water syringe
  • Includes oil-less compressor
  • H-Frame mobil stand
  • independent water controls
  • Built in water reservoir
  • Switching power supply
  • Automatic handpiece activators
  • Optional Fiber Optics System with high speed handpiece

Son -Mate I I Scaler/Polisher Combination

At the touch of the switch, alternate from scaling to polishing plus a variety of other operations. You can perform curettage, deep scaling of heavy calculus and stain removal. Optional drilling and cutting accessories available.


  • Scaler handpiece
  • Stack (Transducer) inserted in the handpiece
  • Assorted Tips
  • Tip wrench
  • Water line with quick disconnect atatched
  • Powercord grounded for safety
  • One foot control for both scaling and polishing mode
  • 35,000 RPM Micromotor with variable speed, presision balanced for low vibration/low noise
  • From 200 RPM High Torque Micromotor
  • Forward/reverse switch
  • Straight handpiece,user friendly , autoclavable
  • Prophy angle for snap on rubber cups,autoclave
  • Starter kit with 10 rubber and 10 prophy paste cups
  • Rubber rest for handphone
  • Owners and Technique manual

Scale Air Mini

The design of the Scale-Aire Mini uses state-of-the-art integrated computer technology together with time tested technology. This combination produces a powerful and potent tool against periodontal disease. 

The Scale-Aire Mini connects to a nitrogen tank easily with NO costly compressor required.

Our surgical stainless steel, heat treated tips glide smoothly across the tooth surface. The water flows internally through the tip directly to the operative site, gently cooling and lubricating the tooth, washing away the dislodged debris.

  • Converts nominal line voltage to appx. 25,000 Hz.
  • Tips vibrates ultrasonic frequency with amplitude of 0.001 to 0.004 in. (25.4 um to 102 um)
  • When ultrasonic scaler is on, the high speed and low speed handpieces will not operate, the air/water syringe will always work
  • High speed handpiece for advanced dentistry
  • Low speed handpiece for all ISO, E-type attachments.
  • ow speed or high speed handpiece selector
  • Water regulator
  • Footswitch control
  • 60,000 RPM High Speed Drill
  • 20,000 RPM Low Speed H.P.
  • Built in Ultrasonic Scaler
  • Auto-tune circuitry
  • Air Water Syringe
  • Easily connects to an air tank
  • Wall mount design
  • Optional mobil stand
  • Independent water controls
  • Switching power supply
  • Life time loaner service

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