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Life Science


Gel Electrophoresis System

Horizontal Electrophoresis

Horizontal gel electrophoresis offers many advantages for nucleic acid separation and remains today one of the mainstays of molecular biology. 

Mini Horizontal With Power Supply

  • horizontal unit with 7x7cm and 7x10cm gel trays and combs
  • 300V, 400mA, 60W mini power supply (Pg 59)

Midi Horizontal With Power Supply

  • horizontal unit with 10x7cm and 10x10cm gel trays and combs
  • 300V, 400mA, 60W mini power supply (Pg 59)

Choice  Horizontal With Power Supply

  • horizontal unit with 15x7cm, 15x10cm & 15x15cm gel trays & combs
  •  300V, 700mA, 150W midi power supply (Pg 60)

Vertical Electrophoresis System

Vertical electrophoresis utilises potent protein and nucleic acid analytical tools for applications within all aspects of life science research, ranging from purity determination to analysis of complex protein lysates.Complete with tanks, inserts and reagents – to fulfil a variety of applications and techniques in different gel sizes and sample capacities

  • Up to 4 size formats with options for resolution, capacity and processing speed.
  • Tank and insert design that prevents current leakage for reproducible gel resolution and run times.
  • Dedicated systems for 2-D electrophoresis in mini, mini wide and maxi formats, plus largeformat systems for specialist techniques, such as DGGE, SSCP and band shift assays.
  •  Leak-free casting and a maximum 4-gel capacity.


Clinical Electrophoresis System

Cellulose acetate electrophoresis is an important technique in clinical diagnostics.CellasGEL range is a complete system solution for research and clinical cellulose acetate electrophoresis applications. The CellasGEL range includes both equipment and consumables to assist in the research and diagnosis of specific disease states.

  • Compact high resolution system for clinical electrophoresis
  • Accommodates strips and gels up to 24x20cm
  • Complete range of cellulose acetate gels and kits
  • Densitometer software and scanner available
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