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Microplate Washer
The  Microplate washer is a versatile user-friendly 96-well microplate washer. The Washer delivers constant, reliable washing performance for all your plate processing needs – from a fast and vigorous high-binding ELISA assay wash to a slow and gentle cell wash.

  • Variable dispense flow rates.
  • Adjustable vacuum flow rates.
  • Standard and overflow (superwash) wash modes.
  •  Programmable shake, soak and aspirate times.
  • The dispense tips are adjusted to dispense at a carefully calculated angle to prevent cell damage in cell washing applications. 
  • The user controlled aspirate tip positioning, as well as the speed at which aspirate tips are lowered into the wells, allows for careful media removal without disturbing cell layers.
  • The same aspirate head positioning control allows the user to set an aspirate profile that will thoroughly vacuum well bottoms for extremely low residual volume when needed.
  • 96 channel aspirate and dispense head
  • Positive diplacement internal pump for accurate and precise dispense at any speed
  • Auto drain for easy priming and maintanance
  • 99 program memnory
  • Chemically inert liquid path.
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