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Plant Growth Chambers

Percival Scientific continues to set the standard of excellence for environmental growth chambers by designing and manufacturing several lines of reliable plant growth chambers, biological incubators and special application research chambers. They offer the largest choice of both Select Series by Percival and custom chamber solutions designed to meet customer's specific research requirements, timelines and budgets.

Arabidopisis Chambers

  • Over the years, Percival Scientific has designed chambers for a large number of applications. Steady demand for the Arabidopisis Series of chambers has allowed Percival to engineer a chamber for the optimum growth of the Arabidopsis plant..

Dew Formation Chambers

  • Dew chambers employ the most recent technology to simulate the actions of the natural elements commonly required for pathology research studies.


Plant Tissue Culture

  • This chamber product was specifically designed for plant cell culture. Chambers are designed as stand-alone units or as two level units to allow for separate growing environments within one small footprint.

Reach in Plant Growth

  • These chambers are frequently used for research applications such as lighting for vascular plants to facilitate standard plant production, plant pathology research and seed germination and development. The chambers are available in multiple sizes.

Seed Germination

  • Percival Seed Germination chambers are designed exclusively for seed germination and development. Our chambers remove the worry of outside contamination while providing precision control.
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