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Analytical Science

Small Volume Evaporator

The new KD Scientific Centrifan™ PE (formerly available from Modular SFC) is a convenient, compact evaporator/concentrator for research, pharmaceutical, and biotech labs working with samples such as DNA, RNA, and protein. Proprietary self-generated blowdown technology eliminates the potential problems with common evaporation systems such as vacuum centrifuges, rotary evaporators, nitrogen blow-down, and freeze dryers

Easy Operation Frees Your Time

  •  Just close the cover and walk away - no monitoring required.
  • Dry samples directly in 20mL scintillation and other common vials.
  • No need to maintain a vacuum pump or use a large supply of blow-down gas.
  • Move the portable unit near your experiment - it even operates on a lab cart.
  • Set the required temperature (ambient to 55°C) and off-timer (minutes to hours).

Efficient Technology Delivers Reliable Results

  •  The low price Centrifan? PE withstands years of lab work with virtually no maintenance.
  • The self-generating blow-down technology protects samples from loss.
  • Centrifugal force allows secure drying directly in convenient scintillation vials.
  • High vapor recovery permits collection of the condensate as the final product.

Effective Process Eliminates Cross Contamination

  • No vacuum pump means no cross contamination from solvent bumping.
  • Radio labeled compounds dry safely.
  • Residual solvent content in the sample can be reduced with inert dry gas.
  • Compact unit fits in a hot cell to contain radioisotopes.

Environmental Design Saves Energy, Protects Your Health

  • The unit captures toxic vapors and materials in a closed system.
  • Quiet operation reduces noise pollution in the laboratory.
  • Low power consumption saves energy.
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