PSS Nicomp

PSS Nicomp

About Particle Sizing Systems

PSS was founded over 35 years ago when Dr. David Nicoli invented his unique DLS algorithm that remains unbeatable in the ability to resolve multiple peaks in the submicron region. The Nicomp DLS system has been improved and refined through the years including unique capabilities including auto-dilution, desktop multi-angle goniometer, PALS analysis for zeta potential and an autosampler for high sample throughput applications.

The AccuSizer series incorporating the single particle optical sizing (SPOS)

The AccuSizer series incorporating the single particle optical sizing (SPOS) technique is built upon inventions and patents in the fields of optics and auto-dilution fluidics. The AccuSizer systems are both liquid particle counters and high resolution particle size analyzers. Unique optical developments include dual extinction and scattering detectors in a single sensor and the focused beam FX and FX Nano sensors that detect smaller particles at higher concentrations. Single exponential dilution and dual stage dilution fluids allow for analysis over a broad range of sample concentrations.

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