ECOSAFE is the manufacturer of safety products that offers the widest range of the world in this field, from storage (with our safety storage cabinets) to manipulation of chemicals (with our ductless fume hoods).

Specialized for more than 40 years in chemicals manipulation and storage for industries, laboratories and universities, ECOSAFE is happy to present our complete new catalogue offering our whole product range.

For many years, we have tried to improve our quality and offer, and to follow the direct line of development by respecting:

  • Manufacture and certification with the strictest existing norms on the market,
  • Control and price cutting that allow to propose competitive price lists,
  • A know-how that maintain our production in Western Europe.

All the products presented in this catalogue are the result of our principles.

The ECOSAFE products are conform with the strictest existing norms in our field:

  • EN 14470-1 on our safety cabinets for flammables,
  • FM & OSHA for the cabinets for industries,
  • NF X 15-211 - may 2009 for our ductless fume hood,
  • EN 15154-1 & EN 15154-2 for our safety showers and eye-washers.

ECOSAFE, stands also for :

  • An important and permanent technical and sales support for our partners with a big team able to answer to all your questions and needs,
  • logistic solution to insure a rapid and safe delivery,
  • A wide range of partners all over the world that help us to make.

ECOSAFE more well known and show the quality of our products,

  • A high visibility thanks to the participation of the biggest exhibition in the world, directly or in collaboration with our partners,
  • International scope and mindset.

ECOSAFE, in figures, it is:

  • 220 000 safety cabinets and ductless fume hoods sold all over the world,
  • 2500m2 of manufacture space for improving quality and production,
  • 3000 m2 of storage for a rapid delivery all over the world,
  • More than 900 references of products in order to answer all the needs of our customers.
Ecosafe - 3034E - Tall equipped cabinet, one door type 30

Ecosafe - 3034E - Tall equipped cabinet, one door type 30

COMPLIANCE EN 14470-1, FM 6050 ADVANTAGES 30-minute fire resistant and made in France EN 14470-1 and FM 6050 compliant Storage of flammables
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